Song 1 : Fuck Your New Year

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Songs

Blimey, that didn’t take me long, did it? I was originally going to leave my first song until next Saturday, but if I think about this right (which I probably haven’t), it would mean that my 52nd song would be in 2012, but even if I have thought about it all wrong, and this now means I am able to write 53 songs this year, it’s not as if that’s a bad thing, is it?  Think of it as a bonus feature, or an encore (but there’s a whole year to go to the “will he/won’t he” have an extra song, I’m not going to exert myself working it out right now, I’ve other things to do)

I had so much hassle getting this recorded, I was going to take it easy, and then my friend, Hannah, convinced me to record it and try and get it up for bang on midnight… and I was so, so close. I recorded it, I was reasonably happy with it, for demo standards, I clicked “File” on Audacity, I clicked “Export As MP3”, and then my PC went to a blank screen, as it crashed. Noooooooooo, I internally cried, why do this to me you bastard machine. The clock had just hit 00.01.

The first thing to happen to me in 2011 was my PC crashing, and taking a recording with it. But never fear, I rebooted, opened Audacity and it crashed on me again.

The second thing to happen to me in 2011 was my PC crashing. So, I rebooted, again, and re-recorded, I didn’t listen to it’s playback before exporting to MP3, I was taking no risks. Even if it sounded shite, at least I would have something recorded for prosperity, until I did a re-recording.

I uploaded it to, listened to it, and fuck me, it sounded better than my first, lost recording. So my first annoyance of 2011 actually helped me improve my recording, clouds and silver linings and all that.

Here’s a link to download the song, or you can listen to it in the widget on the left hand side. It’s called “Fuck Your New Year”, which I think is a very cheery sentiment indeed

“Fuck Your New Year” – Ukulele Kris

Well it’s another new year,
There’s still some leftover Christmas cheer,
But not for me, No not for me.
‘Coz I know I’m a grumpy bastard,
But that’s just me.

Yeah I know I’m a pessimist,
I’m fully aware of what my problem is,
It’s just another day, more problems to come my way
Things won’t be much different,
To yesterday.

So I’m wishing you a Happy New Year’s Day
Though things probably won’t change,

So fuck your New Year
Fuck your New Year
Fuck your New Year
Fuck your New Year
Fuck your New Year
Fuck your New Year
Fuck your New Year

Erm, so yeah… happy new year, folks.




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