Song 3 : Hey Sonny!

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Songs

Hello, it’s currently 3.13am, I’m still awake and I’ve not yet recorded this weeks song, and I’m not even going to post this blog until I have recorded it, however, I feel whilst I am in the right frame of mind to talk about this weeks song, I may aswell write about it whilst awake, and then send it to my blog when I’ve recorded it.

As you may have noticed, yesterday I changed the rules to make life easier on myself, for instance, if I’m out having a social life on a weekend, I don’t have to worry about getting the song done before the weekend is upon me, and schedule the post to go up at a certain time, to then be ignored because I can’t get on the Ukulele Cosmos or Facebook to post that I’ve put a new song up. I mean, for example I had issues I had to sort out which came far above writing and recording a song. However, I already knew what chord progression I wanted to use, and how to write it, it was just a case of writing lyrics.

Originally I thought about writing a song about Uri Gellar, everyones favourite fraudulent, spoon bending, mentalist. Shit, can I call him fraudulent without getting sued? I hope so, as I just have done… moving on, I also have written some lyrics about mermaids, but I just felt this music warranted some proper lyrics, not my usual whimsy/comedy style, but something more akin to the music I used to write when I was in Blackpool’s premier (only) ska punk band, The Emotional Problems of Dirk Diggler (seen in the video below doing our cover of The Time Warp), and and Blackpool’s premier (only) ska pop band, Peter Simple.

In TEPODD, along with the bassist, Ryan Mullholland, we wrote a song that we played at every gig called “The Ballad of Sonny Gritts” (click “play direct from…”), which told the story of the grizzly demise of a 1920’s New York mobster, and his demise. It was part of a trilogy of songs about the life of Sonny Gritts, I think we wrote four in the end, I definitely remember three, “The Overture of Sonny Gritts (Instrumental)”, “The Genesis of Sonny Gritts” (or something like that) and “The Ballad of Sonny Gritts”.

With the second band I was in, Peter Simple, I loved “The Ballad of Sonny Gritts” so much, I decided to play it with that band, which was a bit naughty of me, as I never asked Ryan if he minded, so sorry about that Ryan, if you’re reading! haha!.

So, here I was, listening to this music I was playing about with, humming melodies, and wondering what on earth to write about. I’m not good at writing completely serious songs, about feelings and that, because I’m not a very open fellow, I keep feelings close to my chest, and rarely talk about them, let alone sing about them. However, I love writing about fictional characters. It means you can go anywhere with the song, and doesn’t limit you to singing “Oooh I luv u gurl” or something similar.

I decided to bring Sonny Gritts back from the dead! It was the only thing to do. I guess this probably comes sometime before “The Ballad”, although the original concept behind the Sonny Gritts songs, was start with his death, and end with the story of how he got involved with the mob. So that puts it after “The Ballad”. Which is all getting confusing. Basically, this is a song about Sonny Gritts, who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it’s asking “What the hell do you think you’re playing at?”. I think.

You can listen to “Hey Sonny!” in the widget to the left hand side, and download it from there, too. Direct links to the file don’t seem to be working, so I’m going to leave it in the widget, and if anyone is having problems with it, can you leave a comment please saying so, and then I’ll try and sort the issues out.

“Hey Sonny!” – Ukulele Kris

Let me tell you a story,
About a guy I used to know,
He got mixed up in the wrong crowd,
And his life got thrown away,
Got thrown away,
Yeah his life got thrown away.

He called himself Sonny,
‘Coz he thought it sounded fly,
Didn’t realise that the mob life,
Would be the reason he would die,
Yeah he would die,
Yeah he would die,
It would be the reason he would die.


Hey Sonny,
What’re you doing today?,
You don’t have to be like this,
Your life doesn’t have to be this way
Hey Sonny, why are you doing that?
Did nobody tell you crime doesn’t pay?

Look into those dark,
Brown eyes you will see,
The child that is lost inside,
He’s wondering what he’s doing here,
With this crowd,
What is he doing here with this crowd?


Oh Sonny Gritts,
You’ve made some mistakes,
Didn’t realise that this lifestyle,
Would cause you so much pain,
And so much sorrow,
Cause you so much pain and sorrow.


So, I hope you enjoyed this lengthy blog post, and more importantly, the song.


P.S. I recorded it in one take and got it exported to MP3, there’s a couple of fluffed up lyrics in this demo recording, but as it’s just that, a demo, I didn’t trust my PC not to crash if I tried a second take. lol!


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