About Kris

Hello there, and welcome to my “About Kris” page, where you can read about me, Kris.
I’m 23. Which is a year older than 22.

I play the ukulele, a small stringed instrument, from Hawaii, believed to have been created by Portuguese immigrants.

I like Earl Grey tea, and if I ever come visit you, and you have a pot of Earl Grey on, I’ll be happy.

I love stand up comedy. As long as it’s not Peter Kay or Michael McIntyre.

If I audition for Britain’s Got Talent, I’m getting rid of the bit about Michael McIntyre.

  1. Maybe one day I might add an extra catagory on my site for the Ukulele!

    You’ve really set yourself a challenge – I’m going to have a look each week to check on your progress – the songs and playing are very good!

    All the best

    Playforfun (Pff) from Cosmos.

    • krisball says:

      Cheers Michael, and thank you very much for the kind words.

      If it’s ever late on a Saturday and there’s no song up yet, make sure you leave a comment asking where the song is! Hopefully I’ll have a good excuse (which includes : out being sociable or computer being a turd) haha!

  2. Michael McIntyre says:

    How very mean, and i used to hold you in the the highest regard.

    But now……………poo to you.

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